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Web Site Statistics and Search Engine Positioning Reporting

Site Statistics, Web Site Traffic Statistics, Visitor Analysis, Unique Visitor, Tracking Visitor and Unique Web Visitor Statistics

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It is important to have easy to read visitor analysis statistics available 24 hours per day. web site tracking; we would like you to allow us to set this service up for you, our costs are as follows.

    • Set-up - $19.99 (Set-up waived for *1 year agreements paid in advance)
    • 1 year (*$78.00/Year, 1 year agreement, 6.50/Month) $78.00 Total
    • 6 Month Test Run ($14.99 Setup. $9.00/Month) $68.99 Total

    For fastest service us for making direct & secure (M/C-VISA-AMEX-DISCOVER CARD & More) instant payments available through PayPal.com

  • Search Engine Positioning Reporting - Web Position Reporting

    Would you like an ongoing or one-time positioning report on your web site keyword positions? Want to know the change in positions of targeted keywords on your site? Is your SEO working for you, do you have an SEO? Call 714-225-9700

    Sample Web Positioning Reports
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    There are more ways to report (web ranking report) the information above this is a sample.
    This is the best available web positioning & web ranking report system out there.

    (SEO Definition - A Search Engine Optimization Engineer whom attempts to raise your positions on search engines targeting & increasing your companies most valuable services and products. An SEO increases the amount of qualified visitors that use and find your site. Web positioning reports by your SEO point out search engine positioning changes on your e-commerce site.

    Search engine positioning reports and web positioning reports help you determine where you are positioned on search engine results. Web positioning reports show you if you have either risen in ranking or fallen in ranking on any particular search engine. We even show you which sites (URL'S) are ahead and behind your site URL.

    Search engines we report web positioning (click left) on for your campaign. (You choose)

    Web positioning reports with Web Publicitee show you your positions on any search engine at intervals such as monthly or quarterly or weekly. If you are falling in the position or rank of important terms your web site targets to increase revenues you need this service, plain and simple. We will e-mail you these reports during your service. It's as easy as a phone call, we then 1) setup the search engine positioning reporting service, 2) e-mail you the reports with the schedule you selected. Web ranking reports made easy; web site ranking with Web Publicitee.

    Web Site Statistics - what do your visitors do online? How Long are they online and why are they there, did they come from a search engine or a referred site? Site statistics will give you all the answers.

    How many times is a unique web visitor on your site the first time, once per day, several times per day, twice per day, twice a week and once per week? Web site traffic statistics are important tools leading to proper visitor analysis on your web site.

    Web Site Traffic Statistics

    When do visitors return Why & how often?

    Web Site Traffic Statistics - What are the habits of your online visitors?

    Visitor Analysis

    Tracking visitor habits. Browsers, length of their stay, paths of visitors.

    Tracking visitor habits & Search engine tracking. Where did your visitors come from? Which search engines did unique visitor hits or returning unique web visitor impressions come from, what path did they take on your site? Which browser are they using, which operating system do your visitors use, is it Windows XP, Windows 98? Do your visitors use larger monitors on average or do your online visitors use smaller monitors? How long are your visitors on your page per visit, exactly? What time of the day did they come, and what is their unique IP address? Discover the potentials with visitor analysis.

    Visitor Analysis - What are the habits of visitors on your site?

    Web Site tracking - Who is on your site right now?

    Who is on your site right now, top 30 referrers, countries visiting from, last 30 referrers, page total hits (per page - ongoing). Wouldn't it be be nice to know which countries your web site tracking software recorded, well it records them all. Do you want to know if many of your visitors are finding you on search engines from Canada, maybe even Germany or the UK. Tracking your web site visitors is possible and it is quite easy to see which countries are visiting your site. web site tracking shows clients who is on the site at this moment and who was on it most recently. Clients can monitor the most requested pages from there site and total page views for each page in their site as well.

    Site Statistics - web site tracking - web site statistics tracking current online unique users

    Unique Visitor - Unique Web Visitor Statistics

    Tracking Visitors - How many web site visitors are on your site per day.

    Unique visitors and tracking their habits is more valuable than you may know. Understanding your visitors will help any company see new ways to improve means to handle their web site customers. Monitoring daily unique visitors will guide your thoughts to profit on new ideas and regulate the traffic on your site. Web site user trends can easily be distinguished on your web site, with custom easy on the eyes graphs and charts in no time you will know exactly what is going on inside your companies web pages.

    web site Statistics - Tracking daily unique visitors

    Visitor Analysis - web site trends - Visitor profiling

    Most requested content per grouping

    web site trends; picture this... does your web site have 10 pages that are all related to helpful resources as opposed to separate products? Wouldn't it be nice to be able to separate visitor trends and distinguish the patterns between them all? Here is what can be done.

    Take all the pages that are on your site, consider which pages (of the 100 total on your site) are related to just back injuries and resources relating to them. Webpublicitee simply takes these pages and places them into a tracking group called "back". If you have a larger site with five types of health related issues why not see how each group performs as opposed to just analyzing all the data on your site at once. See how may times web site visitors stick to one category over another.

    In the next slide you will witness how this tracking works and how easy it is to fall in love with. Remember the pages designated as "back" pages are all watched as one unique group... showing total hits to these pages in one category and not as five or ten different page count totals. Now you will know the most requested content on your site per grouping categories. Take a look at the link just below.

    Unique Visitor - Visitor profiling - web site statistics

    Web Site Trends - Exit pages - Entrance Pages - Visitor Analysis

    Web site statistics & web site trends, is this amazing or what? "There's more?" Yes there is much more. Imagine being able to see where most visitors begin their surfing experience on your web site. Imagine being able to see where the majority of your visitors leave your site, if you want to track we are going to track it all. This actually gets quite addicting (Just a disclaimer). Now you have the opportunity to see where unique visitors start and where they end their journey on your site pages from most or least.

    Unique Web Visitor Statistics - web site trends - Exit pages vs. Entrance pages

    Visitor Analysis Trends

    Where web site visitors go and the paths they take - real time

    Visitor analysis and web trends, now you know what they do and why they leave, you know which pages attract the most visitors and which appear to be where they leave. Visitor analysis; would it not be amazing to know what paths they take in what order and most often? It's all in your hands, now if you think you had enough valuable data you now have even more. Why do visitors on your site do what they do? Discover trends on what they are doing in order to deliver more valuable content without having to bother them or ask them directly. Imagine that! This is what your visitors do most often... Next slide please...

    Visitor Analysis - Top paths by online visitors

    Unique Web Visitor - Web Site Traffic Statistics

    Unique Web Visitor - User activity - Source of user traffic - Onsite behavior

    Unique web visitor user activity, a simple Adobe formatted (.pdf) Executive Report that summarizes information about visitors to your web site.

    Corporate Branding

    Who knows your name?

    Actual example - "1,314 or 20.43% of your site visits are from users who either typed in your web site address, bookmarked it on their browsers, followed a link from an e-mail, or did not have a referring domain. Generally, these visitors know your site by name and visit it without performing a search or clicking on a link."

    Corporate Branding

    Who is discovering your name?

    "The bookmark visit ratio is a good indication of site branding, as visitors do not need to conduct any type of search to find your Web site."

    Traffic Statistics - Executive Report (Example) - For WebPublicitee.com Client Executives

    The technology used today is no secret, it is a matter of having a professional SEO know what is the best options at the best price for your benefit. Having the knowledge is using the best tools available; cutting edge insight by webmasters can make or break any search engine optimization campaign strategy. Webpublicitee.com uses the freshest and most complete technology available on the web today. Where do you want to be?


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