Yahoo! Directory Overview, Including Recent Changes - Yahoo! Drops Google.


Keep an eye out for the new Microsoft Search coming soon!

Yahoo! - Search Engine & Directory Overview

Yahoo dumps Google search technology

Last modified: February 28, 2004, 2:17 PM PST
Part 1: What's in store now? - Yahoo! has decided to drop Google from providing search results to users on the Yahoo! search site. Yahoo! is now developing it's own search engine departments better known as "Yahoo! Search". For complete details read up on: Yahoo drops Google as its default search technology provider for its U.S. - based sites - Important note, Yahoo mentions that Flash and other types of site structure may not be indexable in the new algorithm. Ask Web Publicitee for details. Contact us so that we can help assist those companies or organizations needing more information on how to stay ahead of their competition on the search engines and search engine results pages (SERPS).

"The change occurred at 9:30 p.m. PST Tuesday when Yahoo re launched the search properties for its U.S.-based sites, including its flagship home page. Yahoo replaced Google's results with its own Yahoo Search Technology, which combines an array of recently acquired search technologies, such as Inktomi and commercial search provider Overture Services. Yahoo also owns AltaVista and the Web search technology of Fast Search and Transfer.

Despite the publicity fanfare, Yahoo already started using its own search technology this week, as previously reported by CNET"

Part 2: Yahoo!

The Major Players
. Part 1: Google
. Part 2: Yahoo!
. Part 3: Inktomi
. Part 4: The ODP
. Part 5: Overture
. Part 6: Alta Vista
. Part 7: Looksmart

Yahoo! was launched in 1994 as the first directory on the Internet. Being the largest portal site on the web Yahoo! has recently changed their search feature to provide results directly from (Previously supplied by Google), also, the Yahoo! directory is a popular location for browsers to find sites. Expect to see Microsoft in the mix as well soon with it's own search department and developed algorhtym.

The two primary methods of gaining a listing in the Yahoo! directory:

Paid Reviews: Commercial sites are charged annual review fees of $299.00. Non-commercial sites are given the choice of paying an initial $299.00 for an expedited site review. Adult sites are billed an annual review fee of $600.00. Review fees are not a guarantee of inclusion and are non-refundable, webmasters should consider their application before sending it.

Free Review: Non-commercial sites should search through the directory to find the best location for their web site. Use the "suggest a site" link at the bottom of the page and use the "Free!" submission option. Take your time to read the submission guidelines before you submit a web site.
Yahoo!'s Relationships

Receives Primary Search Results from:

Receives Paid Results from:

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