FTP Software Information For Clients

After the design and implementation of your sites HTML files; move them from your local system to your online server. When using Dreamweaver or MS FrontPage, please reference Using FrontPage or visit the Macromedia Dreamweaver site.

Any other ISP interface such as Earthlink or Adelphia; we recommend FTP software available on the Internet Search c|Net.com for "FTP" or click on our recommended clients below.

Reccomended Download
Windows 95/98/2000/XP


Important information regarding your FTP software

  1. When you configure your FTP software, choose Auto Detect for Host Type
  2. Because most Web servers set aside Port 21 to receive connections from FTP clients, Dreamweaver is also configured to access Port 21 to upload files.
  3. Next, specify where you will save files locally when working on the site. This could be a local network, but in most cases it your local machine is the correct answer. In this case, your ftp software will suggest a path to a new folder, which it will create if you select. You can change the path if you want, either by typing or by browsing for a folder on your system. Click Next once you've chosen a location for your site's files.

If you want to upload a file you can use drag and drop to transfer files between your desktop and the browser window. Once the transfer is complete, you should be able to see the new file(s) in the list.

You can also use the right mouse click to delete files and create directories, which is helpful for creating Web pages and doing other account maintenance.

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