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Registering Domain Names - 10-16-04

Written by Bruce Cullen

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Expired Website Domains - PageRank - New Domains - Google Changes the Industry

Expired Domain Name- Domain Name Importance - Domain Name Registration (Part One)

Domain names are more and more important every day. Almost like real estate; domain name registration has become a part of ownership in many businesses online. Whether you have a domain name for sale or an available domain name to offer this property has become increasingly important to any web presence based company.

Domain name registry is a growing part of a business property. A new domain name should be carefully chosen. Companies often decide on names that are more keyword related and not brand related. WebPublicitee has registered an internet domain name that has brand potential; is one such example.

Buy a domain name - Domain name registration search - Corporate branding

Verthandi is based on an ancient Roman God highly respected in history. We believe that domain names that are based on history and have a good ring to them are the most important aspect in domain name registration. When you buy a domain name or your business or organization is to utilize a domain name registration search, be sure to keep corporate branding in mind.

Product Branding - Corporate Branding - Branding Strategy - Business online

Branding a domain name should include considerations for product friendliness and acceptance by your targeted consumers. Branding strategy must be incorporated into any business online, be sure your corporate branding fundamentals are based on user friendliness and customer market reach. Product branding consulting is offered at WebPublicitee, if your company plans on having a business online you should hire a professional SEO specialist (Search engine optimization). Contact us and we will be sure your internet marketing strategy is on the right track using proper techniques for your domain name.

Domain Names Expiring - (Part Two)

Recently a message thread from Webmastersworld has a statement from a known employee named "GoogleGuy" speaking about changes in how expired domain names will be effected by new policies at Google.

Web-sites that have expired whois records will no longer be able to continue their PageRank® according to GoogleGuy from ( Googleguy has said "One resulting improvement with this index is better handling of expired domains--the authority for a domain will be reset when a domain expires, even though dangling links to the expired domain are still out on the web. We'll be rolling this change in over the next few months..."

There has been a flurry of webmasters or web savvy professionals as of late gobbling up expired domain names in order to benefit from these high PageRank® sites. PageRank® Explained

One use to be able to buy an expired domain name that may have been owned by a company that has gone chapter 11 or just plain went out of business. These expired website domains would be up for grabs to new owners that would exploit these new names with already established PageRank® gaining exceptional traffic from search engines and bookmarked sites on other computers. You could compare this to buying a business for 1/2000 of the price and still owning their phone number.

Google has put a stop to this with the implementation of new technology to make it impossible for expired domains to keep their PageRank®. Now when a new site that has expired is re-registered through services such as (Domain name registration) these new domains will have to start from page one, in this case the last page on the search engines and work there way up from there. GoogleGuy states "you just won't get credit for any pre-existing links".

It has been said that the domain names that will be de listed have already been compiled using pre-existing data from the Google archives. GoogleGuy also said "We're using multiple sources of data stretching back to 2000 in order to cross-check", "When you register a domain for the first time, you won't get the old links for free. You'll have to get them the old-fashioned way."

Those worried about previously applied penalties for previous abuse of the search engines system do have to worry about ending up with a domain that has a penalty attached to it's PageRank®. Be cautious in what names you buy, you may end up with a penalized PageRank® for a few months after it's purchase.

There are many folks out there buying expired domain names for large amounts of money, this will now change as there is no reason to buy a name that has expired just to gain free visitations from previous PageRank® placement on the search engines from sites worldwide.

Buyer beware, be sure the domain is not being sold for a high price due to the strength of it's PageRank®. If you want to buy a site that is already in business this will not be a problem as the site has not been delisted. If you plan to buy a website that is already working well, has a lot of unique users and has high search engine placement, go for it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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