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Now your site is online but this means nothing. If you are listed in the search engines (but more than 12 clicks deeper) you site will never be discovered.  That's why we offer three Comprehensive Web Site Promotion Packages that will fit your budget and get your site prominently listed in the top search engines.

This is a service you absolutely need to utilize for proper positioning on search engines.

Advertising agencies & web site promotion

Design incorporating web site marketing and Promotion is Crucial. Design Sites correctly.

These marketing design packages are created specifically for new and existing sites that are in competitive categories such as Internet Marketing, Consulting Agencies, Home Buying, Biotech, Artistic Design, etc.

Web Site Marketing with our advanced Search Engine Placement and Search Engine Optimization promotion service. We will get your site listed in the top search engines with precision placement so you can be easily discovered by current clients and future customers. Design packages should be included in internet marketing.

Information Regarding ROI and Search Engine Submission Changes

Search engines and directories are now primarily focusing on "fee based" site submission and registrations as well as pay per click campaigns for businesses. Free submission directory sites and engines are all moving forward with pay services online.  

WebPublicitee internet marketing professionals use fee based directories such as PositionTech.com for rapid submissions and broad exposure. The speed at which your web-site listings are added to search engine results are greater and more readily discovered by potential online consumers ready for your business or organization to target. 

Your company is focused on targeting customers for potential new clients to use your services or buy your products. The implementation of marketing strategies via SEO services and technologies is your greatest avenue in regards to income generating options available to your organization on the internet.

Hiring a search engine optimization firm correctly will produce a return on investment much greater than the costs associated with the original investment in these services.

Web Site Marketing - Web Designers - Concepts; If your corporate vision has anything to say about supplying your customers with a multitude of product offerings which are unique and useful this is far better than anything you will ever experience again.

Web Site Promotion & Marketing Design Options:

Web Site Promotion & Search Engine Placement, Optimization and Web Site Marketing:

"Where do you want to be"

Internet Marketing Plan (Basic): One-Time Web Site Marketing & Search Engine Promotion

  • Implement and target (Best) keywords - Primary Search Phrases
  • Implement researched (Specific) search engine terms
  • Analyze your fierce competitor sites - What are they doing right?
  • Research and evaluate your companies listings (SERPS)
  • Decide upon and research each company listed page for proper use of "Meta-tags"
  • Implement Meta Tags, Comment Tags, Alt Tags to your primary site files/pages
  • Implement WebPublicitee specific yet proven techniques and tricks learned over time
  • Manual hand submission to most widely used search engines, directories. (Resubmissions)
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Web-site Promotion Plan (Medium): Six Month Web Site Marketing Submission & Promotion

This plan offers all the features listed above plus we monitor your sites ranking in the top search engines for a six-month period. We provide you with a position report on a monthly basis. We also resubmit pages that may not get picked up on the first submission. Once your site is listed, we check your positioning and if needed, tweak the code,  and re-submit to get the best possible placement results.

We will manage your pay per click bidding account with Overture and Google  for the life of the campaign if you choose to use these popular Search engines. We also keep funds in both your Overture and Google pay per click accounts.

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Optimization Plan (Large): Web Site Promotion * Marketing Service (Ongoing)

All inclusive package; offers basic and medium plan options that are based on web-site maintenance that is continual for your business. These plans are for one-year time frames for each agreement.

Internet marketing options include monthly position reports using keyword targets we implemented into your web-site content. In regards to link popularity; you site will be placed and monitored using the Google PageRank™ algorithm technology.

Depending on the options or plans you decide upon your costs will be factored using variables such as total pages needing optimization and fees associated with search engines and directory submissions.

Web Site Promotion - Contact us today and we will put together a custom solution for you!

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We will submit Your site to these top search engines
  • Alta Vista *
  • A9 Search Engine
  • Clusty Search Engine
  • AOL Search
  • Google
  • Yahoo Advertising Center *
  • MSN Search
  • Ask Jeeves
  • Hotbot
  • Netscape
  • Teoma *
  • DMOZ (Open Directory Project)
  • Webcrawler
  • Excite
  • Many More

    * Pay for placement search engine

Cost Oriented Search Engines and Directories:

Customer Publicity Tip: Web Site Marketing with (DMOZ)

Google has gained wide-spread praise for its high relevancy search returns. It has the largest collection of web pages of any crawler-based search engine. Google does not charge a fee to submit your site for indexing.

Looksmart InformationLooksmart: Has a new design. LookSmart is somewhat important because they power Lycos and receive results from Inktomi

Lycos InformationLycos:
Lycos started out as a search engine, but has shifted to a directory model in 1999. Lycos recently entered into the "pay for inclusion" arena. Submission costs are an $18 per year fee PLUS $12 per page that is submitted. So if you have 20 unique pages that have different content that you want indexed, the cost for the pages is $240. For those of you who can get by with only having your homepage indexed, this is a very good deal!

They still offer a Free Site Submission of one page from your website, but inclusion can take 4-6 weeks (realistically it can be much longer), and there is no guarantee that they will include you at all.

HotBot is part of Terra Lycos. When you submit to HotBot, you are physically moved to a Lycos page. HotBot's directory is powered by Netscape's Open Directory Project, and HotBot uses it own search criteria to rank listings.

Inktomi InformationInktomi: (Part of Yahoo)
Inktomi® Search Submit is the best way to get your site content discovered through Inktomi's extensive network of Web search partners, including AOL, iWon, MSN and HotBot. Search Submit includes your most valuable content in the Inktomi index and keeps the content fresh with 48-hour updates for a one-year subscription period. Again, this is can get expensive if you have lots of unique information pages on your site that need to stand on their own in the search engines. On of the nice features of Inktomi is that they reportedly re-index all sites every 48 hours as opposed to many that do it monthly, or every 60 days.

Yahoo informationYahoo:
From Yahoo's site: "In our ongoing effort to 1) build a useful, comprehensive web directory and 2) address the needs of people submitting sites to the directory, we have expanded our fee-based Business Express program to cover all submissions to our main commercial categories: "Business and Economy/Business to Business" and "Business and Economy/Shopping and Services." (See their FAQ.)

Yahoo is still arguably the very most important search directory in which to have your site listed. The fact that they are requiring an annual submission fee for all commercial sites is something that appears to be here to stay, we strongly advise that you budget for this engine.

Altavista informationAltaVista:
A top web-site portal.  Owned now by Yahoo!

Overture informationYahoo Search Marketing: (Yahoo!):
Charges per click and the price is based on auctions for specific keywords and keyword phrases. For example, if one of your keywords is "southwestern furniture," the amount you would pay for each click on your listing determines where you are listed. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your listing will be.

What you should keep in mind, is that a customer clicking on your listing doesn't guarantee that they'll buy your products or services after visiting your web-site, you are going to pay for visits to your site regardless of the outcome. However, one cannot ignore the role they play in the search results for other Search Engines.

Fees are paid directly to the search engines or their authorized agents.

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