Who is Overture and why should I use them?

Overture Description - Overture Search Description

Yahoo bought out Overture Mid 2003

More than 95% of Overture's traffic comes from its network of tens of thousands of affiliate partners that include Yahoo!, America Online, MSN Search and AltaVista. According to Jupiter Media Metrix, Overture reaches nearly 75% of the total U.S. Internet audience, or approximately 69.8 million unique users. Overtures results are distributed as "Sponsor Sites" or "Partner Links" and generally appear at the top of the affiliates search results page.

To help ensure a high quality search product, Overture employs a team of more than 80 editors that enforce strict relevance guidelines.

The company now has the largest distributed search product on the Internet, making it extremely effective.

Affiliate Partners

During the third quarter of 2001, Overture expanded relationships with several affiliate partners including America Online, Ask Jeeves/Direct Hit and Lycos/Hotbot, and Excite. Users of these online destinations now have greater access to Overture's relevant, high quality listings.

Overture allows consumers to bid on search terms that are relevant to their businesses. Because advertisers pay for every qualified lead, which is represented by a click on one of their listings, they have an incentive to bid only on search terms for which they have a relevant, quality offering.

Overture Affiliate Network at a Glance

Overview Overture is the world's largest Pay-For-Performance search and advertising network known on the Internet. Overture effectively helps thousands of Web sites offer their users a high quality search product, while providing a new incremental revenue stream. More than 95% of Overture's traffic comes from the company's affiliate partners.
Network Reach . Tens of thousands of Web-sites across the Internet see examples below.
. Overture reaches more than 79% of active, U.S. Internet users, according to Nielsen Net Ratings (Sep. 2002).
Core Search Business Overture generates highly relevant search results by allowing advertisers to bid for placement in the company's search results on keywords that are relevant to their business and Web site content. The company enables its affiliate partners to enhance revenue and user functionality by offering Pay-For-Performance search to their users.
Special Products . Premium Listings
The product name for the top three results for a keyword listing in Overture's search engine. Advertisers appearing in these Premium Listings will be distributed across Overture's premium partner sites, such as MSN, Yahoo!, Lycos and AltaVista.
. Customized Solutions
Sites that can deliver millions of searches a month can work with Overture to develop a customized search product for their users and generate revenue.
Leading Affiliate Partners
. AltaVista
. Infoseek
. Terra Lycos
. Yahoo!

. BellSouth
. Juno
. NetZero

Meta Search
. InfoSpace (Excite, Dogpile, MetaCrawler and WebCrawler

. Microsoft Internet Explorer
. Netscape

Major Affiliate Partners For Overture Search Engine
Overture Major Affiliate Partners Search Engine
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