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UK Search Engine Submission Services and USA Submission Service - Our PositionPlus service crawls a site much like a search engine. PositionPlus analyzes the Web site's content and provides valuable insight into how the search engines will view it. Included in this service are automated submission tools to help your content stay optimized, ranking reports are also available.


Position Plus™ is a powerful combination of tools providing your web-site the ability to be submitted in it's entirety. Search engines like sites with many pages. Why submit only one page of your web-site when you can submit them all for one low price. Position Plus's Web-based submission service is designed to let you do the following:

  • Spider your entire Web site finding pages that are acceptable to the search engines.
  • Identify and optimize your website content for keywords and phrases related to your online business using Position Plus's SpiderPlus™ technology.
  • Submit your best online content in an orderly non-spam manner.
  • Automatic alterations to your code for better search engine visibility.

Website Submission - SpiderPlus Technology

The backbone of Position Plus's SpiderPlus™ technology is a powerful spider and relevancy algorithm. The job of the spider is to find relevant information used in the website submission and optimization process, such as page titles, meta descriptions, meta keyword tags, and the text on your web page.
Our SpiderPlus™ technology takes the guessing game out of search engine optimization and turns the process into a very calculated approach. Use Position Plus's SpiderPlus technology to:

  • Insure ROI from paid inclusion programs, such as Inktomi’s Direct Submit and Trusted Feed, by submitting only your very best content.
  • Automatically identify and prioritize your keyword content before you submit.

Search Engine Submission Services - Submission Process; Site Submission

Position Plus's site submission process is unmatched. The major search engines view automated but controlled url submissions about the same as a hand submission. Over time and intelligently prioritizing your best content, Position Plus will submit each page of your Web site in an orderly non-spam manner (respecting all engine submission guidelines). As part of the site submission process, Position Plus will wait and upon verification from the search engine that the url submission was accepted Position Plus will then record the verification into the our system.

Web Site Submission Reporting, Web Submission, Keyword Submission

On a bi-weekly basis, Position Plus runs a web submission report showing the number of pages present in the major search engines. You can then compare previous keyword submission reports for trend analysis. On a bi-weekly basis Position Plus also checks the rankings for your Web site's top keywords. These results are posted in a detailed display. The detailed display is meant for trend analysis disclosing how changes in the engines are affecting your visibility. Adverse trends from these report may indicate the need for corrective action.

Manual URL Submissions and Automatic Search Engine Submission Service

For the directories that do not accept an automatic search engine submission service, we provide manual URL submissions. In other words, you get the best of both worlds. Uk Search Engine Submission Services as well as United States Services are the best choice for your web site positioning strategy.

Other search engine submission services features include:

  • Position Plus verifies every step through the process including whether or not the page submission was accepted by each search engine.
  • Position Plus search engine submission services will submit each of your sites primary pages with our spidering process to the indexes used by engines such as AOL Search, Excite, Fast Search, Google, iWon, Lycos, Hotbot, MSN Search, and many others.
  • Position Plus constantly monitors the web site submission process. Each search engine has strict guidelines as to how often and how many pages may be submitted. If you over submit to a particular search engine, it may determine that you are spamming it. Position Plus will not allow your site to be over submitted.
  • Position Plus provides you with site submission history and listings reports to help you make decisions and prioritize your premium content.
  • Search engine submission rules and search engine affiliations are constantly changing. We make every effort to stay abreast of these changes and will change our url submission processes as required.
  • For additional information on our search engine submission services, contact us.

UK Search Engine Submission Services - US Search Engine Submission

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