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Report Unethical Business Practice Spam - Sites Spamming Search Engines - Get them removed

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Inappropriate Website Promotion Methods

Unethical Search Engine Optimization Companies


Unethical Business Practice

Report Sites Spamming Search Engines

Web-sites spam search engines using various techniques such as link farms and duplicate content. Spamming search engines is very unethical and should be reported. Report spam now using the information below.

If you would like us to handle the removal of such competitors using these tactics and have a little peace of mind feel free to contact us. We will report all such spam occurrences to all the sites and search engines in question and research other sites where we can catch your competitors at their unethical practices.

Report spam and sites that take advantage of targeting more than one site with the same content or keywords. Keyword stuffing, multiple sites or SPAM is not acceptable to search engines.

Stop Spam - Spam Protection - Spam Inspector - Spam Filter

Stop Spam, let free up your valuable time with our Spam Protection services, hire a professional spam removal consultant, Stop Spam before it hinders you site performance due to competition. Spam filter technology online for web-sites whom want to prevent spam - Stop-Spam-PubliciteeTM

If your competitors are spamming search engines in order to increase their site popularity or search engine results positions (SERPS) you should do your part in getting them removed from the various search engines such as Google, Altavista, Looksmart, Lycos etc.


Report Spam - Report TOS Violations - Report Unethical Search Engine Practices

Report Spam, the ways sites spam search engines; sites that ODP (Open Directory Project) considers unethical are:

  1. Affiliate sites with duplicate, similar or the same content but use altered site design.
  2. Mirror sites. Submitting mirror URLs to different categories is also considered spam. Multi-lingual sites are acceptable as long as the URL directs (points) to the correct language.
  3. Sites using redirects or any type of hooking of users. Sites that use frames to hide the real URL, also known as "poor man's cloaking," is also considered spam and is not tolerated.
  4. Sites whose main purpose is to drive traffic to affiliate links or sites that primarily contain affiliate redirects or url's.

Inktomi, Google, AltaVista, Looksmart, Dogpile, Lycos, etc.

Search engines consider spam to be these various attempts to boost page views or search engine results positioning.

  • Machine generated pages - pages built only for search engines, not for customers.
  • Sites with no value but a lot of content targeting specific keywords.
  • Hidden links on web-site pages.
  • Link Spamming such as (FFA) Free for all link pages.
  • Cloaking, where end users and search engines do not see the same content.
  • Link Spamming with little or no quality content attached.
  • Cross-linking excessively to create the appearance that the site in question is popular.
  • Queries to check positioning on search results using programs like WebPosition Gold 2.
  • Hidden links or hidden text anywhere on page.
  • Stuffing keywords on site, changing color of keyword lists (invisible or shaded to match background) and or invisible text.
  • Doorway Pages - One page containing all links to one web-site page or similar content.
  • Invisible text
  • Site submission software using automatic url submission programs.
  • Do not submit your site to any directory or search engine more than one time per month unless they say it is allowed, if they do not you will not be listed for months.
  • Bulk mailing your web-site url to market your site. Search engines can pick up on this easily.

Reporting Spam and Unethical Business Practice

Please keep this page updated, send in your reports and or additions and suggestions to us --> contact at

Report Spam - Stop Spam - Spam Reporting Tool
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MSN Search Preview Report Problems to MSN -- > Report Search Engine Spam to MSN 
Stop Spam Tools - Stop Spam Agencies - E-mail
File Complaint - USA Federal Trade Commission (FTC)   Prevent Spam - US FTC Complaint
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Preventing Spam - Stop Spam
Yahoo: DomainKeys DomainKeys: Proving and Protecting Email Sender Identity
Yahoo: Spammer Tricks - Tips Common Spammer tricks and tips to avoid them

If you are interested in WebPublicitee services to manually remove spam from your competitors sites due to unethical business practice please contact us.

How it works - Actual Steps Involved In the STOP SPAM Reporting Process

For reporting the unethical spamming or abusing of a site in question. reported as abusing or in violation of (TOS) Terms of Service to all engines listed above as spamming. The cost would be determined depending on nature of site in question and size.

1) Document the actual TOS or SPAM abuse problem (write-up) - hand written

2) Verify the problem is able to be "reportable"

3) Report write-up to all search engines possibly involved or not, just to be sure (E-mail search engine site administrators)

4) Follow up on results from the search engine administrators "replies" to be sure they are handling the problem correctly.

5) Maintain communications with search engine administrators or webmasters until problem is removed from their search engine results pages. (SERPS)

6) Report these results (those search engines that are dealing with problem correctly) (another write-up) and hand deliver report to client.

Slander Online - STOP Online Slander - Defamation of Character

Removing slander online is possible. Has a company written stories about your organization, has a site slandered your website with remarks or information posted online that is not accurate or correct? We can help. Stopping slander online is something Web Publicitee has specialized in with global site engineering. Stop slander now, let us help your company remove or push these sites further down in the search engine results pages.

Defamation of character - defamation of character is happening all over the internet these days, we have proven public company references to show you and your organization how to remove defamation of character and/or slander that has targeted your website. Contact us, we will help you rid the slander and defamation.

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