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Search Engine Submission Service product listing services and searchable products Getting Properly Indexed In Google's Froogle Comparison Shopping Search Engine

Recently Google announced that it is working on a free comparison shopping search engine - named "Froogle".

Do you need assistance (Contact us) getting properly optimized on Froogle?

We Can help you by providing Froogle Feed Services.

Contact us. 714-225-9700

Froogle uses the same search engine technology as Google, which means that it uses a web spider to crawl and search the web looking for products that are available for sale. Additionally, Froogle also includes product information that was submitted by online merchants selling thier own products.

Froogle Feed Services

To be properly optimized for you need Froogle optimization or Froogle feed services to help you maintain a monthly listing. Froogle feeds need to be submitted on a monthly basis using a proper text edited file or Microsoft Excel feed form. We can help you get up and running maximizing your time and efficiency by properly handling this service for your business.

How does the Froogle product work?

When one searches for a product, Froogle returns search results to the online searcher that include the following:

  • Headline
  • Product descriptions
  • Product category when available
  • Link directed to the online merchant web page
  • Product pictures
  • Name of the store
  • Price of products
How can an online merchant submit its catalog to Froogle?

If for any reason your products are not showing up on the Froogle data feed currently, WebPublicitee can submit a product data feed for you. Doing so will ensure that your entire product catalog is included in Froogle.

The 7 conditions in being accepted into the Froogle search engine product data feed:

  • Merchants' products sold online.
  • Store must be located in the U.S.A.
  • Merchant products must be priced using the U.S. Dollar.
  • Merchant site written in English-language only.
  • Merchant products must have fixed prices.
  • Merchants own products only - affiliate marketing not accepted.
  • Must fully allow Google to crawl merchant web site by removing any robots.txt files that would disallow the Googlebot spidering.

    Google plans to offer support for multiple worldwide languages and currencies into the future. New regions will be added only after Google is confident Froogle offers the best possible experience and usability to its users and merchants. Google will expand their services after functionality testing is completed.

Our known results submitting a data feed to

Submitting your data feed is not as easy as submitting a URL.

We had submitted a data feed request on April 20th. Four days later we received an email telling us to fill out the Froogle merchant agreement. Two weeks had past before our site was approved, we also then received detailed instructions on how to format and upload our data feed correctly.



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