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Static sites don't fit all business plans, although Static Sites are Search Engine Friendly and the best idea for your entire domain. Consult a Search Engine Optimization Consultant.

Is your site static? Static sites are much more search engine friendly then non-static sites that use "?" and redirection. Talk with your Web Master if available.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant - SEO Company

Advantages to working with a Search Engine Optimization Consultant:Search Engine Optimization Consultants (SEO's) much of the time have a close relationships with the search engines and know exactly how they work.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant habits: SEO's tend to make adjustments to optimized web sites ongoing. Optimizing web sites is no easy task and the playing field changes daily. If deciding to have someone in-house handle this web site positioning engineering, experts suggest it is too grand a task to allow for only a few hours of dedicated engineering per week. It should be a full-time job or at least a large part of the job; it's best to hire an SEO Company.

When determining whom to hire as a Search Engine Optimization Consultant, ask questions regarding what exactly the consulting will involve and include. Ask "Will the campaign target getting people to your site" and "Will my campaign target customer conversion once arriving at my site?

Web Master

Things to watch out for: will your SEO use techniques that search engines consider spam? Ask questions such as what can you show us regarding your other clients, how are they placed, how long have they had good results. Ask your Search Engine Optimization Consultant if they manage large sites as an SEO and web master; the web master position is crucial to an SEO firms reputation. Site promotion using a professional web master allows firms a unique opportunity in that the web master is not only able to target and better the positions of your organizations keywords but can handle any task on your web site.

Web Publicitee handles both Site Positioning & Web Master roles and duties.

It’s best to hire a web site optimizer while you’re site is in the design phase and post production phase; this is overlooked much to often. In this circumstance, the search engine consultant will offer many suggestions for a better web site management and planning platform. Rest assured, a good SEO or web master will advise you on precisely what is needed.

SEO contracts are usually for a year or six months. Muller, who wrote the first edition of the Marketing Sherpa guide, which came out about a year ago, said in looking at what about 90 SEO's charge, an optimization campaign was about $2,000 a page, which went down to about $1,500 if you took out the high end and low end.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant Prices

Typical starting prices for search engine optimization packages are $5,000 - $10,000, Web Publicitee does offer a lower-priced option such as search engine optimization phone consultation. Call us toll free with any questions. 714-225-9700

If your site uses many php coding techniques you may want to carefully consult with a search engine optimization consultant such as Web Publicitee in order to have a properly designed/positioned web site.

There are many program languages today including VB/ASP, Perl, and PHP. Non static features that make your site dazzle can be utilized by our professionals. Server side Java Script (SSI), JAVA, DHTML using access or SQL will benefit a liquid site creating direct customer interaction. Web-site programming additions by WebPublicitee will keep your site alive.

Please contact us to view more sites or request a quotation for services.

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