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Web Site Design


SEO Optimization - Web Site Placement - Web Site Design

Web site content needs to stand out above ones competition. Your website must be different and must exceed your organizations goals. WebPublicitee shall analyse your business goals and needs before we discuss a formal proposal so that your site will deliver results (customers) and surpass any corporate or organizational expectations.


WebPublicitee has performed SEO optimization services for Clarion Hotels and Blue Chips such as AOL Time Warner and many others.

SEO Optimization - Award Winning Web Design

When a company or small business is interested in SEO optimization, also known as search engine optimization or internet marketing they need a well established organization to handle thier needs. At WebPublicitee we specialize in internet marketing for serious marketing needs by our clients. With award winning well established web design partners such as Julie and Company Web Design we are able to handle any size company budget and internet marketing plan.

Web-Site Optimization - Web Site Placement

SEO Design - Placement - Web Site Design - Web Site Placement Research

Web site placement and seo optimization requires a special touch, works with award winning web design partners to ensure proper full scale web-sites that not only incoporate web design but also internet marketing and optimization to ensure proper listings on search engines.

Web site placement services are crucial to your business or product. Internet marketing service results in 90% or more of web surfers finding your site online as apposed to knowing your url address alone.

Internet Marketing, Publicity and Product Optimization - Proper Web Design and Web Site Placement

Interesting and sticky; functional web sites don't just happen. They are thought up on paper and later created. One thing all well designed web sites have in common is the proper use of design elements. It is crucial for your web-site to have proper optimization with search engines. WebPublicitee is not only a web-design firm but we specialise in search engine optimization as well. If you want your products on first-page results across the search engines you are in the right place.

Web Site Design and Web Site Placement

Basic Design Elements
· Aesthetics, Design & Layout
· Text
· Logos & Graphics
· Ease of Navigation

Colors, white space, type fonts, background elements, and graphics are the "artistic" elements of a web site. Just like a printed ad campaign, the proper use of these elements creates web sites that are pleasing to the eye and have a professional appearance.


SEO Optimization - Site Placement

WebPublicitee knows the importance of proper search engine optimization (SEO). As a leading online marketing SEO (search engine optimization), 'hand' submission to search engine and search engine placement firm, our goal is to improve your web site's search engine optimization and positioning without resorting to trickery which, when noticed, can result in your site's removal from search engine listings.

SEO Design - Placement - Web Site Design Importance

We take a professional and disciplined approach to search engine marketing, using the "best practices" as outlined by those leading online marketing search engine optimization (SEO) organizations. The result is better search engine rankings, based on quality content, not on trickery like "cloaking" nor "invisible text." In working along with the search engines rather than trying to confuse them we can achieve lasting results. Web site design and SEO optimization combined is important to any web site.

Web Site Design - What drives repeat visitors to your site?

According to Forrester Research, these are the factors driving repeat visitors to their favorite Web sites:

High-quality content: 75%
Ease of use: 66%
Quick to download: 58%
Updated frequently: 54%
Coupons and incentives: 14%
Favorite brands: 13%
Cutting-edge technology: 12%
Games: 12%
Purchasing capabilities: 11%
Customizable content: 10%
Chat and BBS: 10%
Other: 6%

Please contact us or fill out our quotation form for a free estimate and phone consultation. You have invested a lot into your online business, doesn't it deserve a professional design and implementation?

Web Site Design - Web Site Placement - SEO Optimization

All discussed business sites include these basic features including SEO Optimization and Web Site Placement:

Complete professional design to exceed your specific business ideals
Design them is based around your specific business environment
Logical navigational design elements included
Company logo or graphic included within site your logo can be modified or created
Custom text design and graphics created to match your web-site themes
Custom E-mail links and feedback form
Compatible with Microsoft IE 4.0 or higher and Netscape browser software
Web Site Placement - Search engine friendly web-design
Site will be Scalable for future add-ons
WebPublicitee - Search Engine Optimization and Optimization Service Capabilities

Please contact us to view more sites or request a quotation for services.

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