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Teoma Search Information, Aspects and Overview

Teoma Search Engine Information, Aspects and Overview

Ask Jeeves® Syndication Solutions give you the best of both worlds: the power of relevant web-wide search on your site and the ability to generate revenue from a valuable source of keyword-based ad inventory. Best of all, it requires no work on your part because we handle both the search and the selling for you.

key features:
Add the power of search to your site. But not just any search. TeomaSM search, one of the industry's most advanced search engines providing authoritative results to any user query.

Serve a mix of both text and graphic ad products. Using Ask Jeeves you'll not only have text based ad units to serve to users, but graphical ones as well. Together, these help you generate more revenue per page.

Get an experienced sales team working for you. That's right, a sizable sales force that really knows how to sell keyword ad inventory because they already do it for Ask Jeeves, Teoma and the entire Ask Jeeves Keyword Network.

key benefits:
Attract and retain users. There's nothing like relevant search to keep users on your site and to ensure that they keep coming back for more.

Earn higher revenues per page. Keyword targeted inventory is the highest value inventory on the Web. And now you can really profit from it with an effective mix of both text and graphic ad units.

Get the revenue without the work. Because you'll be utilizing the Ask Jeeves sales team to sell your keyword ad inventory, you won't have to sap your own resources to generate new revenue. And, since we already have built-up demand from advertisers for our keyword targeted inventory, you can be up and running and making money in no time.

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