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Unethical Law Firms

Unethical Search Engine Optimization Companies


Unethical Business Practice; Law Firms That Are Not Responsible, Law Offices & SEO's

Unethical Business - Unethical Search Engine Optimization Firms

Many law offices located in the United States have issues with making good with paying for internet marketing consultation in regards to expert witness testimony and expert witness research.

Today's unethical law firms or law offices should take better legal measures to make good on their promises. Unethical lawyers should be dealt with by contacting your local bar or state district attorney office in your region. Unethical search engine optimization companies should also be reported much in the same way.

We will help report all such occurrences of dishonest lawyers or marketing firms to all the sites and search engines in question and research other sites where we can catch unethical lawyers in their unethical dealings.

There is also the option of reverse optimization. Reverse optimization is needed when you need to hide or remove unfavorable search engine results about your company or firm that may be untrue or inaccurate. We can help remove or push these negative search results or search listings. Firms that are not responsible should not continue operations.

Unethical Firms - Unethical Search Engine Optimization Company

If you feel that a law firm or unethical search engine optimization company owes you compensation and they are not paying for verbally agreed upon deliveries there are many steps you can take to resolve the issues.

Many firms today have found that in contacting unethical search engine optimization firms that much time is spent wasting money and resources on technology that is performed poorly or not at all.

Contact your local Bar Offices, Contact your State Representative, or call the better business bureau for more help on numerous other remedies.


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